Hi! We are IEN&HCTNS,dba Transformer price

Who we are

HC Transformer & Switchgear (HCTNS), dba Oregon Power has its U.S HQ in Torrance, CA and its Oregon office (HC Transformer & Switchgear, dba Oregon Power) at 1922 United Way, Medford, OR. 

HC Transformer & Switchgear, dba Oregon Power, is fully owned subsidiary of its parent company IEN Hanchang based out of South Korea, which is a full-line manufacturer of various types of transformers in commercial, industrial and utility applications.  We will bring you the most reliable & competitive solution for your transformer needs by being Fast, Flexible, Reliable, and Competitive.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturer

Our value creating process has very high level of in-house base vertical integration makes us to perform more highly controlled supply chain, quality, production, and testing process, which also helps us to be more competitive on our cost structure and flexible on the customization process to serve various market application.

Main Product Line

We are fully capable of designing and manufacturing of Polemount Transformer, Padmount Transformer, Substation Transformer, Dry-type Transformer, Power Transformer, and Specialty Transformer including wind power application. We also have in-house production line for the corrugated fin-wall.

Competitive Advantages


  • Quotation within 24 hours
  • l  Best Lead Time via strategic & integrated design and production process for RTS (Ready-to-Ship), RTA (Ready-to-Assemble / Pre-designed unit), and RTD (Ready to Design) project.


  • Most optimized supply chain & production process for customization with an understanding, Know-how, and design capabilities in various market applications.


  • Over 38 years of proven manufacturing experiences and customer references in worldwide market including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Yemen, Chile, Saudi Arabia, and Other countries.


  • Competitive edge over other competitors comes from its level of in-house vertical integration, from supply chain to customer support, and also its global low-cost sourcing/manufacturing capability.