We have full scope ratings from 300KVA to 5000KVA. Primary Voltages from 4160D to 34500D and Secondary Voltages from 208Y~4160Y (See fig 1,2). Oregon Power’s transformers can be equipped with either 5-position and 7-position tap changers, which enables the transformer to operate with some of the most common distribution voltages such as 11700, 12000, 12470, 12870, 13200, 13800, 14400 Delta and 3952, 4056, 4160, 4264, 4368. Secondary voltages of 208Y/120, 480Y/277, 4160Y/2400, A complete listing of available units can be found in Table 1 and 4. All units will also be equipped with Bay-O-Net and partial-range current-limiting fuses, on/off load break switches, and other standard features found in Table 2 and 4. 

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